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sweetheart . ( BENEDICT )
you know that I love you very much . you can take my heart .  we used to always fight right hunny ? and . from this we quarreled so right hunny like this ? you know how difficult it is not for me to release you ? but we always promised we would state that mutual love of each other ? together we will be faithful when away , right ? you know that you our best crew ever accompany me? you always take care of me, you always want to pick know all about me . every time you have made mistakes with me , you should quickly apologize to me . I really appreciate all the sacrifices you all this . you know we have a lot of difference right ? but all not still forever . we can change the difference to the equation is not ? if we broke up . you know that it is the most difficult thing for me confronted . I would cry all the time , thinking about you . I do not want you to miss the hand of another girl . this because I love you baby .  I hope someday we will get to overwhelmed dias . hiehie <3 . the crew was kind of saying to me once . whatever we love happy right ? very~very happy . want all this love remain forever . we kind of promise for this state . hey BENEDICT (!) ''do You want to marry Me'' ? yeah ! ''I also want to marry You'' . hehe :) ILOVEYOUFUCKINGDUMNBOOMSOMUCH (!) :*

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